Between the months of Feburary and June 2010, The Complete Works film department worked with University College London as part of their outreach project, aimed at broadening the horizons on young people. This included two five week long terms of Saturday school workshops, where groups of young people got the opportunity to write, create, edit and star in their own short films on the decision of whether or not to go to university.

Each film incorporated interviews with students and staff, as well as taking a look at the campus and facilities available at UCL. Vox pops techniques were also used with fellow students containing there thoughts about university.

Term 2 of the project was aimed at promoting the UCL Horizons programme, showcasing all the different types of workshops on offer at Saturday School. Students got to document the other workshops that were taking place as well as finding out what other young people thought about going to school on a Saturday, proving how beneficial it was to them and inviting others to come and do the same.

At the end of each term, the young poeple were thrilled to sit down and view the finished copy of all there films which had been edited by our Film Department during the week.

For more information on the Outreach programme, please visit the UCL Horizons website.