When a vicious gang of bullies take over a Havering school it seems a hopeless cause… until a bizarre chemical reaction gives one young hero the power to help the gang overcome their bullying ways.

“Truthbolt” was filmed by a group of young people from Havering with the help of professional filmmakers. It forms part of The Complete Works’ “Take Off With TCW!” series.

“Take Off With TCW!” gives young people the chance to explore their experiences through the medium of film. A core aspect of each project will be to enable the young people not only to recognize the differences between film genres, but also how to create the instantly recognizable techniques used to achieve them.

On the first day, the young people work with a professional scriptwriter to examine relevant issues and discuss these amongst the group. They then learn how to turn their own ideas into an industry standard film script.

In the afternoon the young people get hands on experience with the camera and other equipment, learning basic techniques to get them started.

The second day is shoot day. Each young person has the opportunity to work in all of the departments (Camera, Sound, Direction, and Acting) alongside experienced filmmakers, who will guide and encourage them. By the end of the day, the film will be in the can.

Over days three and four, the young people work in pairs with our editor to construct the final story. Aspects such as visual effects, sound design and graphics will be covered during this process.

Finally, each young person receives a copy of their film on DVD and where possible will be invited to a screening of the film at a local cinema.