On Tuesday Andy and I organised my own drawer in the cupboard to keep all of my project work in. I have many different projects happening with TCW at the moment and needed somewhere to store my work. I really enjoyed it, it was very fun.

On Wednesday we cooked a Lasagne and Andy took some photographs of me preparing it for a comic book style recipe book we are going to make. I like cooking; my favourite food is Jamaican food. In the afternoon I went rock climbing. I really enjoy the rock climbing sessions.

Today I have done Music. I do drumming in music; we are trying to form a band. We are working well as a group.

Recently I have also visited the National Theatre on the South Bank to look at lighting.
I am interested in lighting and my youth club allow me to do the lighting for their shows.

I am also just starting a photography project where I am being taught all different things about cameras.