Follow the simple and entertaining advice of “Stop! Think? Continue…” and you can avoid joining the thousands of young people killed and injured in accidents every year.

Learn to escape… Electrocution! Sunburn! And poking your eye out with a pool cue!

All this, and a little bit more, in… “Stop! Think? Continue…”

“Stop! Think? Continue…” was filmed by a group of young people from Southwark with the help of professional filmmakers.

The film was created by The Complete Works in partnership with Cambridge House Young People’s Project, Karrot, The Hollington Club For Young People and The Southwark Alliance Neighbourhood Renewal Fund.

This film forms part of the “Take Off With TCW!” series of films – a new filmmaking initiative created by The Complete Works to develop the next generation of filmmaking talent.

Working alongside professional directors, camera operators, sound recordists and editors; young people are given the chance to learn new skills in a supportive and enabling environment.