TUESDAY 23 June 6:00 – 7:30 BEN PIMLOTT LECTURE THEATRE Reigniting interest in learning, through creativity! Phil Richards BA Hons, Dip, RSA, MA. trained as an actor and director, before working as a Drama Teacher in mainstream secondary education for 15 years. He incorporated The Complete Works Creative Company Limited in 1999 as a charity and continues to run the company as the Chief Executive and Artistic Director. The aim of the charity is for ‘the advancement of education for people of all ages and abilities’ and to this end the company promotes education and social development through the use of a wide variety of art forms. It employs a large team of tutors and mentors, who provide Literacy, Numeracy, English as an Additional Language and Learning Support in all subjects across the National Curriculum, to disadvantaged young people.

In this lecture Phil will take participants on a journey, describing how the company has developed a total ‘outside the school’ way of thinking and created innovative methods and techniques to re-engage disaffected young people to learn. He will share the challenges and successes he has experienced over the past decade, creating London’s most popular virtual school.

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