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Groups are carefully created so that students are able to work together as harmoniously as possible, and ensuring a good staff/student balance. All courses are age appropriate and we can accommodate students in Key Stages 3 and 4. Students are able to study with us for up to 30 hours a week. Full-time students studying for GCSE examinations mainly focus on Core Subjects (i.e. Maths, English Language, English Literature and Science). Other subjects covered can also include Drama, Media Studies, ICT, PSE, History, Religious and Cultural Studies, Geography, Physical Education, Cooking, Music, Art and Languages. Some students may be more suited to study for Functional Skills and Entry Level Examinations instead of GCSEs. We are also able to offer the Arts Award to those who wish to explore the Performing Arts subjects in greater depth.

Speaking and Listening, Literacy and Numeracy and ICT are embedded in all our schemes of work, and opportunities for sharing and appreciating each other’s point of view are encouraged in all subject areas. We ensure that we have a good provision for Personal and Social Education. We also consider it very important that students have the opportunity to engage in group activities outside the venues in which we work, as this facilitates the necessary acquisition of social skills. We therefore provide opportunities for groups to visit swimming pools and other sports facilities, and to partake in theatre trips and educational visits to museums, art galleries and historical places of interest.

The following courses are available for Key Stage 4 students at TCW;

English Literature
English Language
Art and Design
Art and Design – Photography
Functional Skills English and Maths
Entry Level English and Maths

We provide opportunities for groups to visit swimming pools and other sports facilities, and to partake in theatre trips and educational visits to museums, art galleries and historical places of interest

Student Expectation & Behaviour


All students are expected to work cooperatively and to abide by an agreed code of conduct for the good of the group. Students are taught to respect each other’s differences and to accommodate each other’s needs

Any form of bullying is dealt with swiftly, to ensure the safety of all and to proactively prevent any inroad to a culture of bullying. Disruptive and difficult behaviour is addressed through calm, sensitive negotiation, and methods of restorative justice are used to reinforce positive attitudes and build self-esteem. Staff are trained in the use of physical restraint, however de-escalation strategies are always our preferred method of working.

  • Safety is of the utmost importance. Students have a right to study in a safe environment, and therefore anyone found in possession of weapons or illegal substances would be dealt with very seriously (and, in consequence, could be excluded from the group).
  • Students are expected to be on time to every class and to work hard to meet their deadlines. We operate a system of warnings, sanctions and rewards, to support students in meeting our expectations and to help them to progress in their education.

Assessment & Reporting

We conduct base-line assessments to enable staff to create workable Individual Learning Plans for all students. Areas of concern in literacy and numeracy are identified, and targets are set for achievement in these areas. We also run ‘Alfie’ tests (Assessing Learners For Informed Education), to track student progress. Students are continually assessed by means of homework, mock exams, question-and-answer sessions, and interactive activities. Progression is monitored in every lesson and regular targets are set for each individual student. Students are also encouraged to self-assess, and to engage in group/peer-assessment. All relevant results are kept on file and students are able to update their Individual Learning Plans on a regular basis.

Progression is monitored in every lesson and regular targets are set for each individual student



Detailed monthly reports are written for students who are taught individually, and half-termly reports are written for those who are taught in groups. These include the student’s National Curriculum level of attainment and, where appropriate, their predicted grades. Reports are kept on a confidential web-based reporting system, where those who have permission to have access can review progression in graph form.

In addition to our assessment of academic achievements, we also conduct assessments of pastoral indicators such as behaviour, attendance, attainment, attitude to learning, and punctuality.

Comprehensive student profiles are created for every student referred to us. This enables tutors to plan lessons that are carefully differentiated, inclusive and meaningful to everyone in the group.

Read Our Full SEN Report Here

Our Venues

Head Office:

The Complete Works Ltd,

Floor 3 Universal House

88-94 Wentworth Street

E1 7SA

Tel: 020 7377 0280


Bermondsey SEN 1-to-1 Centre:

The Complete Works School,

The Salmon Youth Centre,

43 Old Jamaica Road, London SE16 4TE

Tel: 07964 201672


Shoreditch SEN 1-to-1 Centre:

The Complete Works School

38 Commercial Street

E1 6LP

Tel: 07503 928237


Whitechapel GCSE Centres:

The Complete Works School,

Attlee Youth and Community Centre,

5 Thrawl Street, London E1 6RT

Tel: 07437 357790



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Responding creatively to the specific needs of the young people who are referred to us has not only sharpened our vision but also shaped the type of provision we offer them, resulting in our metamorphosis from a Theatre-in-Education Company to an Alternative Education Provision and consequently into an Independent School.

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Since the formation of the company as a charity in 1999, our organisation has grown organically, adapting and changing to accommodate new trends, whilst maintaining a clear vision to empower people of all ages and abilities to gain access to education, using the arts.

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Each person’s individual achievement is far more important to us than league tables and the comments we have received from parents and students are very complimentary in this respect.  However our statistics show that we have certainly enabled large numbers of students to gain good levels of attainment in nationally recognised qualifications, and our Ofsted report has confirmed that what we offer is ‘Good!’

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The creative process remains at the heart of everything we do and alongside the school provision we run, we deliver talks, run workshops and tour productions to schools and organisations who would like learn more about how we work, interact with us, or commission performances.

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We do our very best to keep people up-to-speed with the educational innovations and creative projects the company is involved in and we are often on the lookout for like-minded people who are keen to work with us and utilise their creative skills to make a difference to young people’s lives.

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We are always keen to hear from those who would like to access our service, comment on our work or support us to achieve our aim, which has always been “The advancement of education, through creativity, for people of all ages and abilities.”

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