This winter term, we are pleased to announce the second tour of our highly successful anti-bullying play ‘Keep Running’. The play, written and directed by David Willoughby, is a hard hitting 45 minute exploration of how a 13 year old girl, Charlie, is affected by school-based bullying. The performance is followed by a 45 minute workshop where the cast and audience will work together and explore a range of issues raised by the play ; such as the importance of supporting one another and accepting difference. ’Keep Running’ follows a pattern plot repetition to allow the cast and audience to explore how a subtle alteration of behaviour by Charlie, her bullies, or her friends and family can impact on events – in both positive and negative ways. ’Keep Running’ is designed to creat an improved awareness of the complexities of bullying, one of its crucial messages being that the welfare of all parties must be considered when dealing with any situation involving bullying.