This academic year, students working both individually and in groups, worked very hard to create a very special anthology of creative writing titled: I Am Unconditional. It contains the stories, poems and artwork of the students; unabridged, uncensored and unconditional.  The book’s editor, teacher at TCW and spoken word educator, Christian Foley, describes this work as, “Writing without condition and restriction.  No student was told ‘you can’t write that’ or ‘you shouldn’t write this’… freedom was paramount to the project.”

I am Unconditional was launched at a special event at Oxford House in Bethnal Green on the 15th July 2015. A large audience assembled for exciting evening to celebrate the next generation of young creative writers. Students read aloud their debut published works for the first time, and talks were given by Phil Richards (TCW’s Headteacher) and the book’s editor, Christian Foley.

The work has been endorsed by acclaimed british children’s novelist and poet, Michael Rosen amongst many other respected british poets and spoken-word-educators.

“I’m grateful that these poems have been written and that I have been allowed to read them. I hope that many, many more people will read them too.” – Michael Rosen

The book is now available for purchase for £5.00.

If you would like to buy a copy, please email

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