Click here to watch an intro video for the GANG*STAR project.

Gang*Star is an Urban Musical Written by Phillip Ashbourne featuring Rap, DJ and Breakdance.

The main purpose of the Gang*Star Project is to raise awareness of the brutal realities of gang involvement by shattering the glorified gangster lifestyle image and presenting hard hitting facts about the consequences of gang involvement and carrying dangerous weapons.

Gang*Star has been created as an early intervention scheme and is designed to help prevent and reduce gun and knife crime, and gang involvement.

After touring with Gang*Star, we received feedback for the need to also take this message into primary schools, because issues relating to gangs are also prevalent amongst this age group. In response to this, TCW has written an 11 year old character into the play and we look forward to extending the November 2011 tour.

The Recent report ‘This is it. This is my life’ (Rota, 2011) has concluded that ‘we should no longer question whether or not gang-related or series youth violence is an issue for woman and girls across England, it is.’ Gang*Star encompasses a female character and highlights issues surrounding sexual violence and exploitation.

Project Oracle is the Mayor’s new programme for understanding and sharing what really works in preventing youth crime in London”. The Gang*Star Project has been invited onto this scheme which means for the next tour of Gang*Star, in November 2011, all of our work will be evidenced-based and we will be able to demonstrate what impact are services are having.

A set of Photographs from this production can be viewed by Clicking Here