’Choices’ is the result of a Mediabox funded project produced by The Complete Works, working in conjunction with the Acland Burghley School in Camden.

We offered young people aged 14 – 16 the opportunity to work together on a project which would give them not only film making knowledge and skills, but also would fully engaged them with the theme of gang culture and the choices young people may make.
The students involved were assisted by our workshop facilitators and were given five days to create a short documentary piece. This film now forms part of The Complete Works’ Gang*Star project, which strongly focuses on gang, gun and knife crime. The consequences of young people’s involvement in gangs is explored through the Gang*Star performance, the teachers education pack and this documentary film.

The students who took part were heavily involved at all stages of the film production process from the initial concept to its completion. The young people took ownership of this project and involved themselves in all elements of film making, script writing, improvisation, and music creation.

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