The Complete Works in partnership with Southwark Youth Offending team has produced a one hour drama highlighting the tragic and brutal world of gang violence and gun/knife crime from the perspective of the young people affected by it.

“Batch” was shot on location in Southwark and gave more than fifteen young people the opportunity to work as part of a professional crew, taking an active role in all elements of the production including writing, acting, camera operating, sound recording, editing and promotion.

The Premiere of Batch at Peckham Multiplex which was screened on the 18th April went extremely well. The young people who took part in the project gave their reasons for making this film.

They were all very proud of their work and voiced their views on the need to focus on the issue of gangs and guns in London. Chris Domeney, who commissioned the film for The Southwark Youth Offending Team, asked the audience to be silent before the start of the film, in respect for the the victims of gun crime and their families. At the end of the film, Paul Francis from The Boyhood To Manhood Foundation, spoke about the issues the film raised concerning the way young people treat one another and of the need for further projects such as this. Phil Richards, from The Complete Works, has promised that the company will give follow-up workshops and projects which will key into the questions the film has produced.