On Friday 29th October, the Children and Care Leavers Annual Conference ’Am I Bovered’ was held at the Institute of Contempory Arts (ICA). This event was a celebration of the 5th anniversary of the Children Leaving Care Act 2000.

There were three main aspects to the day; ‘Been Bovered’ A live presentation and review of the issues that have arisen at previous conferences. Film footage of the last 5 years was both filmed, edited, and presented by TCW. The areas focussed on;

      • WALC (Westminster Accommodation and Leaving Care Team) their achievements, activities, and desires.
      • Social workers and the system.
      • How it feels to be in care.
      • Love.

This was followed by a talk by the young people on a research project that examined the practices of other boroughs. As one of the main aspects of the conference is to listen to young people the audience were plunged into darkness to hear a collection of comments.

‘Bovering’ dealt with the main issues and thoughts from this years young people. A group aged 16+ worked with professional film makers to produce a short scripted piece around the issue of health. The younger age groups went out and took photographs that represented their lives and these were made into another film with interviews from young people which became the soundtrack.

The afternoon section of the conference ‘Are you Bovered’ was a workshop extravaganza. The young people developed games and exercises to allow the participants to experience difference aspects of their lives.

The conference discussed the issues raised by young people and examined the improvements that have been made by Westminster in the last 5 years.

’Am I Bovered?’ was a great success and was an excellent way of highlighting the major issues that young people in care have to face.