‘As You Like It’ – October 2012 Tour

This month we toured the Shakespeare play ‘As You Like It’ in schools around London in partnership with the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. The tour was a huge success and we’re already excited about planning next years play. A set of photos from this production can be viewed by clicking here.

A blog post by our student Toshawn

On Tuesday Andy and I organised my own drawer in the cupboard to keep all of my project work in. I have many different projects happening with TCW at the moment and needed somewhere to store my work. I really enjoyed it, it was very fun. On Wednesday we cooked a Lasagne and Andy took… Read more »

New TCW Promo Video nearing completion

Our Brand New Promo Video is nearing completion and will be viewable very soon right here or on the TCW YouTube channel alongside many of our previous projects.

A blog post by our student Toshawn

This week in the TCW Center, I did a variety of things. One of those things was rock climbing. I also did music, I enjoyed myself playing the drums. I did Maths and all different things, some of which I didn’t like. My favourite thing was music.