After consulting with young people aged 12 – 16 in care in Tower Hamlets, it has been made aware that they want to talk about the following issues at this year’s Just 4 U event:

- What’s going on in my life and decision making.
- Money and Allowances.

These issues will be explored through the creative areas of Photography/Film and Music.

The Complete Works believe that The Apprentice would be a good overall theme to explore the issues at hand.

Twelfth Night

The Complete Works Creative Company is once again working in partnership with the Italia Conti Academy to present a fast moving, accessible adaptation of Shakespeare’s magical play “TWELFTH NIGHT”.

The Complete Works – 10 Years On!

July 2009 marked the 10 year anniversary of The Complete Works Creative Company Ltd. founded by Phil Evans & Neil Powney in 1999.

In celebration of this great achievement, The Complete Works staged a one night only event and hosted a week long exhibition showcasing the diverse work of the company.

The event was attended by company Patron, Art Malik and the Mayor of London’s Ambassador for Youth, James Cleverly, who each voiced their gratitude for the company’s hard work over the years.

Joining Chief Executive of The Complete Works, Phil Evans, they together lanched the week long exhibition.

‘Made Me Blue’

Throughout June & July 2009, as part of The Complete Works tuition services, the Education & Film department joined forces on a short music video project with two students.

Jody Francis & Indi Hector collaborated to produce and star in their own music video.
The song is called “Made Me Blue” by Jody Francis, which tells the emotional story of a relationship breaking down.

Phil Evans at Goldsmiths University


TUESDAY 23 June 6:00 – 7:30 BEN PIMLOTT LECTURE THEATRE Reigniting interest in learning, through creativity! Phil Evans BA Hons, Dip, RSA, MA. trained as an actor and director, before working as a Drama Teacher in mainstream secondary education for 15 years. He incorporated The Complete Works Creative Company Limited in 1999 as a charity and continues to run the company as the Chief Executive and Artistic Director. The aim of the charity is for ‘the advancement of education for people of all ages and abilities’ and to this end the company promotes education and social development through the use of a wide variety of art forms. It employs a large team of tutors and mentors, who provide Literacy, Numeracy, English as an Additional Language and Learning Support in all subjects across the National Curriculum, to disadvantaged young people.

In this lecture Phil will take participants on a journey, describing how the company has developed a total ‘outside the school’ way of thinking and created innovative methods and techniques to re-engage disaffected young people to learn. He will share the challenges and successes he has experienced over the past decade, creating London’s most popular virtual school.

Please contact: Lucinda Parr or Laura Nicholson l.parr@gold.ac.uk / l.nicholson@gold.ac.uk The Senior Departmental Administrator Lucinda@gold.ac.uk Tel: 020 7919 7301 Information about the Centre for the Arts and Learning can be found at: http://www.goldsmiths.ac.uk/cal/

‘A Young Person’s Guide to Kensington Palace’

April 2009 saw The Complete Works film department work with Historic Royal Palaces & Connextions on a project for Kensington Palace.

Two groups of young people from Positive Activities for Young People (PAYP) got involved in a film workshop and each group wrote, shot and produced their own guide to the palace.

You can view these films by clicking on the links below:

‘A Young Person’s Guide to Kensington Palace’:
Group 1 & Group 2

These films were made as part of a Kensington Palace Youth Outreach project and were commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces.

Ideas! Camera! Action!

13-19 year olds, Taking Control!

On the 15th April 2009, young people from Tower Hamlets took part in a consultation event at Idea Store Bow.
The day aimed to document what young people thought of the facilities at the Idea Store, as well as how these facilities could be improved in order to target 13-19 year olds.