Keep Running

This winter term, we are pleased to announce the second tour of our highly successful anti-bullying play ‘Keep Running’. The play, written and directed by David Willoughby, is a hard hitting 45 minute exploration of how a 13 year old girl, Charlie, is affected by school-based bullying. The performance is followed by a 45 minute… Read more »

‘Am I Bovered’?

On Friday 29th October, the Children and Care Leavers Annual Conference ’Am I Bovered’ was held at the Institute of Contempory Arts (ICA). This event was a celebration of the 5th anniversary of the Children Leaving Care Act 2000. There were three main aspects to the day; ‘Been Bovered’ A live presentation and review of… Read more »

Richard III

This fast paced and highly dramatic show tells the tale of Richard of Gloucester and the murderous way in which he becomes King of England. This energetic performance exposes the journey that Richard takes to make it to the top and how he attempts to hold onto his glory. The production is an action thriller… Read more »

If A Girl Writes Off The World

In October 2006, Illustrator Sarah Coleman aka Inkymole displayed her new personal project : A collection of images interpreting the words of Sage Francis, poet, underground rapper and wordsmith extraordinaire. Expect words, music and images presented in a surprising range of media Presented by Arts Beyond

‘Stop! Think? Continue…’

Follow the simple and entertaining advice of “Stop! Think? Continue…” and you can avoid joining the thousands of young people killed and injured in accidents every year. Learn to escape… Electrocution! Sunburn! And poking your eye out with a pool cue! All this, and a little bit more, in… “Stop! Think? Continue…” “Stop! Think? Continue…”… Read more »


When a vicious gang of bullies take over a Havering school it seems a hopeless cause… until a bizarre chemical reaction gives one young hero the power to help the gang overcome their bullying ways. “Truthbolt” was filmed by a group of young people from Havering with the help of professional filmmakers. It forms part… Read more »

Westminster Looked After Children Team

The Looked After Children Team are having an away day focussing on stress management, the day will include Yoga, massage, relaxation and tips on how to manage a stressful lifestyle. 25 delegates will attend and will bring a shared lunch. The day promises to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.


Adam and Brian have a problem. Fifty thousand pounds inheritance money has been buried along with the old lady who was supposed to leave it to them. The men are desperate. But just how far will they go to get their hands on the money?

Art @ The Brickhouse

On Saturday 21st January, The Complete Works worked in partnership with Crisis homeless charity to create Art @ The Brickhouse. The event displayed a number of imaginative and intriguing pieces of art which were created by people from the Brick Lane community who have been affected by homelessness. Crisis set-up an art exhibition with the… Read more »